I live an abundant life on a small, private pension.

I live an abundant life on a small, private pension.

This website provides tips and encouragement for others that want to simplify their life, reduce consumerism, reduce the waste of the planet’s resources, and be more content with what they already have.

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Toni G

Hello, I’m Toni.

Being frugal is not about deprivation and ‘being cheap’. It involves making the best use of your resources and skills to enable you to have more choices in how you live your life.

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A simple, frugal life does not have to involve feeling poor without luxuries, or be just about surviving.

You can feel rich in so many other ways. Through planning, having a positive mindset, using nature’s resources, and by reducing waste, it is possible to thrive, and live your best life, even on a small income.


Stay close to nature in all that you do.


Mindfully use your money and resources.



Find joy every day, make time for self care, and be your authentic self.

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    Published On: February 7, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    Simplifying your life mean some thing different to every person.  To one person it might be giving up everything to live in the countryside and keeping chickens and goats, and to another it might be [...]

  • Reaching Self Actualisation

    Published On: February 6, 2023Categories: Finding Happiness, Wellbeing

    I always do my thinking when I am cooking and yesterday I was thinking about how what we see as necessities has changed. I can remember the days when if you had a television or [...]

  • Cornish type pies

    Published On: February 5, 2023Categories: Baking, Mains, Recipes

    We first made these last year to use up some of the Christmas vegetables that were wilting in the fridge. I usually put this mixture in our Cornish pasties, but decided to put them in [...]

  • Frugal Bakewell Slice

    Published On: February 5, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    I love the Bakewell tart flavour but ground almonds are rarely in my budget.  This is a tray bake that is good for packed lunches and tastes just like Bakewell tart but is cheaper to [...]

  • Lemon (or orange, or almond, or vanilla) Extract

    Published On: February 2, 2023Categories: Baking, Preserves

    I am striving all the time to buy less and less from the supermarket.  We use extract to flavour ice cream, icing and sometimes in cakes.  This is an easy recipe to make.  I have [...]

  • The benefits of starting your own vegetable and herb garden

    Published On: February 2, 2023Categories: Growing Food

    I think that we all know by now that supermarket prices are out of control and providing a nutritious diet for ourselves and our family is getting harder.  More people are thinking of giving up [...]

  • Simple Living by the Seasons

    Published On: February 1, 2023Categories: Living Simply, Saving Money

    Living my simple life, the weather and the seasons impact on my money saving routine, how are use my house, my frugal habits, and how I spend my time.  I didn't really realise it until [...]

  • Fat Scallies

    Published On: January 31, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    Fat Rascals are a Yorkshire luxury scone type of bake.  When ever I look after my little grandson I almost press my nose to the glass and look at them in the window of Betty's [...]

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Fresh, organic produce on a shoestring.

Growing your own food.

Grow Your Own Food

Slow down, relax and start…

Living simply.

Living Simply

Favourite recipes

Using affordable ingredients and what you already have in the store cupboards, as well as what you can grow and forage.

Ripe blackberries.
Lemon balm iced tea.
Four Lollies.
Pasta and tomatoes.
Herbs and pan.
Padding out salads.
Pasties a frugal filling meal.

You might not be able to control how much money you have, but you can control what you do with it.

I hate to throw left over food away, there’s almost always a meal you can make with it. Once you change your mindset, it’s surprising what you can save with a little thought and a little planning.

Saving Money