August 11, 2022

Being frugal isn’t about deprivation.

You don’t have to look cheap or poor. This is our breakfast this morning. Putting it in little dishes makes it seem special and is great if you have guests. My daughter and I had this served to us whilst away once, and I have done it ever since.

Some of the fruit is from the garden and some of it is our bargains from the market. You can use what ever you have. Today we used raspberries, golden plums and grapes and apple (put lemon juice on the apple to stop it going brown). Other times I have used banana, blue berries or strawberries. This granola is bought, as it was on offer, but other times I make it with oil, honey or maple syrup, nuts, oats and dried fruit and salt. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet and you can use which ever nuts or dried fruit you have. (Add fruit after the rest is cooked or else it will burn in the oven). The yoghurt is Aldi own. Sometimes I will use Greek yoghurt, sometimes plain. Some times I will even make my own yoghurt.

It is my favourite breakfast on a hot day and always makes me feel decadent even though it doesn’t cost much. What is your favourite posh breakfast?

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