August 11, 2022

This is my philosophy, and why I live a simple, frugal life.

Reducing the unnecessary, like stress, bad habits, material possessions, wealth, over spending, debt etc, makes time and space for loved ones, for learning, for joy, creating, peace, nature, travelling, and all the the other things that I love and long for.

I don’t need status, or lots of money to be happy. Letting go of what I thought I needed was the wisest decision that I ever made. It is scary but it is worth it.

What can you let go of and cut out of your life today? Why not start with something small and take it from there. We are cutting live TV next. It will save money, but it will also stop me wasting as much time sitting on my bum in winter and encourage me to move more.

Be the currator of your life.

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