August 13, 2022

Lemon balm iced tea

Just a quick post today as it has been a busy morning and I am spending time with family this afternoon. Are you like me and have herbs in the garden but don’t utilise them enough?

Today I made some lemon balm iced tea and it was lovely and refreshing on this hot day in Yorkshire.

Basically, you just put a handful of lemon balm leaves in a teapot and pour hot water over them.  You can add some honey to sweeten it if you want.

Leave it to cool and then throw it into a jug with ice cubes.

If you want it to taste extra nice you can add some lemon juice.

This is a tasty, virtually free drink that is good for you. Lemon balm helps reduce stress, anxiety and is also good for indigestion. Anybody else make iced teas from their herbs?

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