August 15, 2022

21Frugal dishes with eggs

The one thing that I always try to make sure that I have in my pantry is eggs. I can remember feeding my kids for 3 days when all I had in the cupboard was some eggs, some bread, and some home grown veg.

Most other things I can do without for a week or so but eggs are so versatile, cheap, nutritious and filling that they are a frugal staple.

We bulk buy ours from a farm cafe as we find that they taste better, are larger, have bright yellow yolks, and are fresher. In the past 6 months I have seen them go up in price from £3.20 for 30 to £4.80 but they still make economical meals. Even though I know I can buy cheaper caged eggs from a supermarket it is something that we chose not to do at the moment, though at some point I might have to resort to supermarket eggs and compromise my ideals if prices keep rising. I would have hens if I could but the deeds of my house won’t allow it.

Here are some ideas of food that you can make cheaply from eggs.

  1. Fritatta. When I have the oven on I will often make a fritatta which is like a quiche without pastry. They are good for using up left over veg (or you can use frozen veg) on it’s own, to make a small piece of salmon or meat go a long way, and I usually put home grown herbs in them (you can also use left over pesto). I like to add a bit of cheese if I have some. You can also cook them in the microwave or the air fryer and eat them hot or cold. They can be a snack, a breakfast or a meal with chips and salad.
  2. Egg wraps. We regularly have these for breakfast. I beat and cook my seasoned egg in the microwave and roll it in a wrap with brown sauce in. Sometimes I will add some bacon or sausage.
  3. Tuna, egg casserole. In a casserole I put tuna at the bottom, seasoned beaten egg on top (about 4 eggs if using whole tin of tuna (a bit of milk can be added), throw in a couple of handfuls of frozen peas into the egg, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake. Some times I have sprinkled crisps on top.
  4. Quiches. Another good recipe for using up left overs or for stretching a bit of meat or fish.
  5. Spaghetti egg and veg. Boil some eggs. Boil the pasta and veg (broccalli, frozen peas etc). Drain. Stir some pesto into the spaghetti and veg and mix through the roughly chopped hard boiled eggs and sprinkle with parmesan.
  6. Make a kedgeree. I cook the rice. In another pan I fry some onion and garlic with curry powder or Indian spices, I add some pieces of fish (fish pie mix or left over fish). I then add the drained rice to the pan, stir well and cook for 2 mins and then add some lemon juice and some fresh parsley. I then put a poached egg on top of each serving or stir in some sliced boiled egg.
  7. Ommlettes. Another good way to use left overs. These are great to use up all the fridge gravel and can be served for any meal.
  8. Egg pizza. Make a pizza on a wrap and crack an egg in the middle and bake to increase protein. I do these in the airfryer too
  9. Egg fried rice. We add veg to this by frying spring onions and frozen peas and chillies together and add to the egg fried rice.
  10. Egg custard tarts. This an old fashioned pudding but with nutmeg on top it is lovely.
  11. Special Eggy bread. Dip the bread in the seasoned beaten egg as usual. Cook one side, turn and sprinkle with cheese and then cover with pan lid or foil whilst the other side is cooking to melt the cheese and serve with mushroom sautéed in butter on top.
  12. Bubble and squeak with poached egg on top
  13. Fried egg and chips.
  14. Egg mayonnaise sandwich
  15. Scrambled eggs on toast.
  16. Eggy bread and vegetable bake. Saute onion and any left over vegetables and place in a dish. Dip slices of bread or baguette into the egg and place on top of the veg. Pour over the rest of the egg. Sprinkle with cheese and cook in the air fryer or oven.
  17. Vegetable and potato fritters. Grate a couple of carrots, 2 potatoes and 1 courgette and 1 onion and squeeze the moisture out of them. Mix with 2 tbsp of flour and 2 eggs and fry spoon fulls as fritters in hot oil. Serve with a pizza type dip or tomato ketchup.
  18. Cheese soufflé a retro meal but a good one if you are brave enough.
  19. Egg salad. We would eat home grown salad with chopped up hard boiled eggs and a slice of bread and butter often.
  20. Ham, eggs and beans or sausage egg and beans. Left over ham from a joint can be slice and fried instead of bacon.
  21. Sausage and egg pie or pasties.
  22. Scotch eggs. You can serve with salad or chips and beans.

What are your favourite frugal meals that you make with eggs?

21 Frugal meals from eggs.

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