August 16, 2022


Cadbury’s need to leave my chocolate bars alone 🤬. I brought a 4 pack of chocolate bars away with me and they have shrunk again….and they have gone up 25p.
It was really hard not to eat 2 bars last night as 1 didn’t feel enough. They are minuscule now.

Shrinkflation is when the manufacturers shrink the size or quantity of a product whilst keeping the prices the same, or even increasing them.

I do eat more chocolate than I should, especially when I do a lot of walking, and so I noticed the difference, but this is happening with a lot of products at the moment. Apparently the psychology is that shoppers are more aware of price rises at the moment and are less likely to notice changes in weight of a product. When deciding which product to buy most will look at the cost rather than checking the weight as well. Studies by Which have shown toilet rolls reduce by 14% in 2 years whilst increasing in price.

I try to compare weight when buying a product, but I might forget when buying products that I knew were good value. I am going to look at everything now. Which products have you noticed have shrunk in size recently?


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