August 16, 2022

Things to do with a tin of ham

I don’t usually buy tins of ham as I try to avoid high salt, processed food. I also have memories as a kid of slicing my hand on the sharp edges of those tins with a key. I got a tin of ham, however, at the community pantry. I have brought it on holiday as we are self catering. When I open it I will try a bit as the quality of tinned ham varies a lot, and this will help me decide what I am going to do with it.

Tinned ham stores well, is easy to transport, and is very versatile and so is a great addition to your food stock if you can get one for a good price or free. It is not just for sandwiches as I thought as a teenager.

If it is good quality I might cut off two thick slices and fry with eggs for breakfast. For lunch I would probably chop some into a cheese or tomato sauce and have with pasta. I might slice it up with mozzarella and pesto in a panni instead. Another thing I could do is glaze it with honey and bake it for a short while (or airfry) and serve it with the new potatoes and green beans I have brought. Sometimes I will put some on a pizza, add it to a rice dish with vegetables and spices. I can also add some to an omelette, and if it is good quality it is nice in a ham, salad sandwich. I could also put it in a stew or a soup, have with cheese (cut up small) on baked potatoes, or have in a cheese sauce in pancakes. I will get at least 2 meals for the two of us out of this can. What would you do with it? You had some great ideas about the rice, the other day, thank you.

Things to do with a tin of ham.

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