September 8, 2022

Self Care

Self care is an important part for me of being happy and content with my life. Once upon a time I would be busy trying to help everyone else, and would forget about my own needs and feelings. I think a lot of people do this.

Putting other people first is not always a bad thing. It can help you cope with stress, give your life meaning, and deepen your relationships. It is also being kind which is one of my top values. However, it is important to remember to be kind to yourself, and remember to look after your needs too. That is why I remind people on my post each morning.

I used to struggle with putting my own needs first, but now I know that self care is an important part of being able to be there for myself and others.

I don’t remember ever being taught about self care, though, and I didn’t really know about it until my 50s. In my day you were taught to look after the man and the family. There was no mention of looking after yourself, except aesthetically to please the man.

I am very lucky in that I have some one that puts me first, supports me and encourages me to participate in self care. I do the same for him.

Self care means different things to different people. Last night I sat in the quiet and re – asked myself what self care meant to me, and I came up with this list.

1. Getting in nature every day.
2. Exercising daily.
3. Eating nutritious food
4. Reducing sugar
5. Mixing with kind, positive people.
6.Being creative.
7. Putting joy into each day.
8. Setting healthy boundaries
9. Being grateful and doing my daily gratitude ritual.
10. Spending time alone in silence
11. Prioritising my own needs
12.Building laughter into my life.
13. Being compassionate with myself.
14. Exploring new places and new challenges.
15. Ignoring negative self talk and replacing it with positive self talk
16. Achieving something every day, even if it is just a small chore
17. Being authentic and not changing to fit in, or please others.
18. Sleeping well
19. To continue learning and stretching myself
20. Limiting my time watching telly or on social media.
21. Listening to my gut.
22. Looking after myself physically and mentally.
23. Celebrating and recognising my achievements.

Why not try asking yourself what is on your self care list and if you making time each day to take care of yourself. Sometimes we can get so caught up in work, our responsibilities, and life generally that we forget. Once I used to have to put time in my diary for self care. Now it is just habit.

Give yourself the same care you give others.

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