December 3, 2022

Cheap, filling snack or meal

A few years ago, we were in a lot worse position than we are at the moment. Our income was the same, but I was having to use petrol money to do the 120 mile round trip 2 or 3 times a week to care for my Mum with dementia. We ate a lot of these which are potato, onion and carrot fritters made from one potato, 2 carrots and some spring onion (or ordinary onion).

Basically, you grate the potato and carrot, squeeze the liquid out of it (I have a cotton tea towel just for this purpose), add the onion, a couple of tbsp of flour, salt and mixed herbs, and then a splash of milk to bind it together to make patties.  You can use an egg to bind them if you have one, but they work fine with milk.  I used to fry them in oil, but we make them in the air fryer now. We use them as a side dish with a meal, with beans for breakfast, or make up some pizza sauce (tomato puree, lazy garlic, tomato sauce and herbs mixed together in a cup) and dip them in that as part of a snacky tea. We discovered them as it was literally all we had in, but we actually like them and so still eat them.  It is amazing what you can make from what you have when you have tom and some of our favourite meals have been discovered this way.  If you want to make them more extravagant you can add some parmesan or add grated hard cheese which makes them even tastier 😊

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