January 20, 2023

Seaside Cinnamon Doughnuts

It has become a tradition to make doughnuts on a frosty day.  We first did it two years ago on a winter’s day in the garden. We were in lockdown and missing our trip to the seaside. Mr S always buys himself hot doughnuts when we are by the coast. These tasted lovely and are a twist on the ones that you buy at the coast in the UK. These are a cheap treat as well.
300g plain flour
90g Aldi Best for cakes (or Stork or butter)
Level tbsp baking powder
150ml of semi skimmed milk
Tsp salt
Granulated sugar and cinnamon to roll in.
Oil to fry in
This makes about 23 doughnuts.
1. Mix the sugar and the cinnamon together and place on a plate
2.Mix the flour, butter, baking powder and salt until it looks like bread crumbs.
3.Add milk to combine into a firm dough.
4.Roll out to 0.5cm thick. Cut out with either a doughnut cutter or you can use something like a drinking glass and a bottle top for the middle.
5. Heat the oil until medium heat and then fry doughnut until golden brown on both sides. Don’t have the oil too hot.
6.Place on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil.
7.Roll the doughnut in the sugar and cinnamon mix within 30 seconds of coming out of the oil (sugar sticks better if it is hot.).
8. Repeat.
We cooked them in a pan but sometimes use a wok outside to stop the house smelling, and when finished we drained the oil through a sieve and saved it in a recycled passata jar in the fridge to use again next time when making doughnuts or churros. Enjoy.

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