January 20, 2023

Stretching a tin of beans

We buy a couple of cans of beans a week as they are reasonably nutritious, cheap (if you buy from discount supermarkets or unbranded), good for bulking out food (eg minced beef and baked bean pie), they don’t take much energy to cook, and they are easy to use and a good staple to have in the store cupboard.
I can eat beans but I am not a big fan, as in my head they remind me of being poor and hungry in the past. I don’t mind them on a baked potato with a bit of cheese but can not eat them on toast by themselves. I therefore often stretch a tin of beans with ‘fridge gravel’ to make them seem more gourmet, using up wilted bits of vegetables, and to crank up the taste. Yesterday I found a few bits of sorry looking pepper, half an onion, some sad, squashy tomatoes, and some leek.  You can basically add what ever you have.  We have even added cabbage cut small.  I sautéed the vegetables in a bit of oil (adding the tomatoes last) , added some fresh (or dried) herbs (I often add chilli instead), a squirt of tomato puree and a splash of water and cooked for a minute and then added the beans and cooked for another minute.
They are a lovely on toast, or a delicious side dish, and less boring and more nutritious than beans.   They also make a quick lunch or breakfast. Half a can of beans can serve 2. I first made this when I needed to use up some beans in the fridge, but we often make it on purpose now.  Mr S likes them for breakfast with an egg on top. 😁.

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