January 21, 2023

33 Frugal Ideas for breakfasts

I get bored of eating the same food regularly. I plan my frugal food spend around my main meals, and lunches are usually left overs, soups, sandwiches, something on toast or, in summer, salads. There isn’t much spare money for breakfasts and, except oats, which I buy once a month, I don’t buy anything special for breakfast. We eat what we have. Often it is things that need eating up eg we will have toast with something if the bread is going stale, or we will use up the veg on the turn or use left overs. We still have lovely breakfasts and a lot of variety.
Here are some of things that we have eaten this past year, and it shows that you can have enough variety to have something different every day of the month, even without much money.

  • 1. Homemade hash brown and beans (and an egg if have spare, or even bacon if I have bought mis shapes). I batch make the hash browns when potatoes are on their last legs and freeze them.
    2. Overnight oats with grated carrots, a few sultanas and mixed spice and a bit of honey in (tastes kind of like carrot cake).
    3. Pancakes with home grown fruit compote and yoghurt.
    4. Scrambled egg on toast.
    5. Beans on toast. If I don’t have enough left over baked beans I will chop up a bit of onion, fry it, add the beans and a squirt of tomato puree and a splash of water to make them go further. Sometimes I wilt some spinach into it (stretched beans recipe on here).
    6. Homemade granola on yoghurt served with fruit compote
    7. Tomatoes on toast (we always have a glut of tomatoes in summer) with an egg on top if we have any.
    8. Home made cheesy potato waffles and beans or egg. (We batch make and freeze the waffles).
    9. Porridge with cinnamon and maple or Rosehip syrup
    10. Yoghurt with homegrown or foraged compote.
    11. Overnight oats with cocoa powder, some chopped nuts and maple syrup added.
    11. Home made wraps with scrambled egg (done in the microwave). I like brown sauce with these. If I have a leftover cooked sausage we will chop it up and add this.
    12. Bacon sandwich (when we have a pack of bacon mis shapes).
    13. Porridge with fruit compote in it, or homemade jam.
    13. Mushroom on toast, with an egg if we have it.
    14. Overnight oats with foraged fruit.
    15. Homemade fruit bread with cheese melted on it.
    16. Omelette with bits from the bottom of the fridge in eg tomatoes, peppers, courgette, onion, ends of cheese etc. Sometimes we might throw in a bit of leftover ham in. We use 3 eggs for 2 of us.
    17. Poached egg on toast.
    18. Eggy bread or French toast – good when camping.
    19. Fruit salad and yoghurt -we eat this more in summer when most of it is our own fruit.
    20. Cream cheese on toast with sliced tomatoes or bits of ham on.
    21. English cooked breakfast ( If we have bacon mis shapes or have a couple of sausages that we don’t need for a meal.)
    22. Sliced pepper and courgette and tomatoes sauted with thyme and served with an egg.
    23. Left over boiled potatoes sliced, airfried and served with egg or beans.
    24. Tomatoes and mushrooms sauted, put in a wrap with a sprinkle of grated cheese and then rolled up and airfried until crispy.
    25. Peanut butter on toast.
    26. Left over white fish on toast with cheese melted on top.
    27. Pancakes with banana and homemade chocolate and nut spread.
    28. Overnight oats with peanut butter and raspberries in (when raspberries in season)
    29. Savoury breakfast muffins (batch made and frozen).
    30. Chicken and spinach sandwich.
    31. Cheese toasty
  • 32. Waffles with yoghurt and fruit compote. We often have breakfast smoothies during the week too, made with home grown or foraged fruit and water.
  • 33.Breakfast pizza made on a wrap.

    I remember when I was young, my gran used to cut stale bread into cubes and dry them out in a low oven. She used to store them in a tin and then serve it for breakfast with milk and a sprinkle of sugar. Apparently it was a recipe from the war. I feel lucky that we don’t have to resort to that.

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  1. Judi Thomas January 23, 2023 at 4:21 am - Reply

    Thanks for all your suggestions. Sounds like you’re ready for the depression that most of us nknow nothing about. From the 1930s… I commend u greatly and only hope I can be that way when I need to be.

    • ToniG January 25, 2023 at 11:12 am - Reply

      Yes frugal things I do would help with a depression but they help in other ways to. A lot of things I do like building up a store cupboard and being mindful about spending have helped inflation proof me for a time and so have helped me stick to my food budget. Changing the things I eat and foraging and growing more food have also meant that my food budget has been able to stay the same as before prices started rising. Thanks for commenting

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