February 23, 2023

Sweet Chilli Sauce

One way that we like to preserve some of our chilli harvest is to make sweet chilli sauce.  We use it a lot.  It is nice in wraps with salad and chicken, we put some in to stir fry some times, have with home made chicken strips as a fake away, cook salmon in foil in the oven with some on, I love it on salad, and just use it generally as a condiment every week.  This is my favourite sweet chilli sauce recipe and one that was passed to Mr S a number of years ago. I do cook it longer than it says until I reach the thicker consistency as I like it in burgers and don’t like it running out.  The thinner sauce is good for a dipping sauce.  I put this sauce in my Christmas hampers sometimes and it is a favourite by all that have tried it and we often get asked for it when family come round for a meal.  It is medium hot and so you can increase the heat by the number or kind of chillies that you use. It is quick and easy to makes and we two good sized bottles. 😋


2 Birds Eye chillies (we have used other smaller chillies too and used more)

2 red peppers

2 cloves of garlic crushed

250g sugar

125ml of vinegar (white)


  1.  Blitz the chillies, red peppers and garlic in a food processor
  2.  Put in the pan with the rest of the ingredients and 300ml of water
  3.  Simmer for 20 to 25 minutes or until reduced by half (it does usually take longer)
  4.  Transfer in to sterilised bottles.

We have had these last for over a year unopened and so will often make large batches.  Once opened they need to be kept in the fridge and eaten within 30 days.  Enjoy x



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