March 19, 2023

Easter no bake dessert

I am trying to do less baking to save money on energy, but we still like our sweet treats, especially during school holidays and special events like Easter.  This is based on a recipe I saw in Prima magazine.  It looked really nice in the magazine but was expensive to make and so I thought that I would try to frugal it up a bit.



75g unsalted butter cut into squares

150g marshmallows

100g crisped rice cereal

For the rocky road

100g dark chocolate, chopped

200g milk chocolate chopped

70g mini marshmallows

65g rich tea biscuits (or any broken biscuits that you have)

80g mini eggs

40g mini crème eggs, halved

50g icing sugar



  1. Line a 20.5 round tin that is at least 4cm deep with cling film.  I used one of those cake tins with a clip and the side so that I could get it out easily.
  2. Make the base by melting the butter in a pan, adding the marshmallows and stir until melted. I used large marshmallows and chopped them up so that they would melt easier. I initially tried to melt everything in a microwave but it doesn’t work. Once melted stir in the rice crispies.
  3. Press into the prepared tin and leave to cool.
  4. To make the rocky road melt the syrup and the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a pan of boiling water (so much chocolate can go grainy if melted in the microwave). Leave to cool for a few minutes and then stir in the mini marshmallows, chopped biscuits and 40g mini eggs.
  5. Spread over the base and scatter on the remaining mini eggs and the mini cream egg halves. Chill for an hour.
  6. This is best made on the day of serving or the night before. Store in an air tight tin if making the day before.
  7. Before serving place on a cake stand and mix the icing sugar with 1 tbsp of water and drizzle or pipe back and forth across the no bake,



I actually found this quite hard to make as it was not easy to get the marshmallow to melt or to spread the rocky road mix onto the base, but it tasted nice. The prima version involved a lot more sweets which would have taken the cost up a lot.  By reducing the amount of sweets and marshmallows on top, adding a few more biscuits, using Aldi chocolate, Aldi biscuits, and buying marshmallows from B&M, I managed to keep the cost down to just over £5 and it could have been even cheaper to make if I had not used name brand mini eggs and mini cream eggs.  This is more than I would usually spend on a dessert but it was for a special occasion and is quite sweet and so you don’t need a lot per person.  The recipe says it makes 18 portions, but I admit, it didn’t make that many in our house.  The bottom part of it brought back memories of a tray bake my Mum used to make in the 70s and was pink because I used a mixture of pink and white marshmallows. Enjoy x


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