May 8, 2023

Boozy banana, chocolate and apple crumble

I like to make crumbles and we have a lot of different ones throughout the seasons.  It tend to make a big batch of crumble when I have made some butter from reduced cream.  I make it and store it raw in my freezer with enough in each bag for my crumble dish.  I can then just get it out and throw it on top of some fruit as it is still crumbly and can be cooked from frozen, or I defrost overnight in the fridge if I know I am baking the next day.

This is a special kind of crumble, and not particularly frugal usually, and that I make especially for this dish as it contains nuts.  When I bought some reduced nuts after Christmas, I froze them and used them today.  Mr S hates bananas but I have a relative coming to lunch who like a tipple.   I also bagged some reduced bags of bananas today for 26p after the coronation weekend. Being an ex Navy veteran I always have rum in my cupboard.  I don’t have a picture of the crumble as I haven’t made it yet and am adding this post at my daughter’s whilst I can, as my internet is not working, but I will add a photo later.  A picture of a bar of chocolate with have to suffice and I will add a picture of the crumble on another day.  The chocolate was a bargain at £1.20 too, from The Company shop.  The Universe was on my side today and provided the ingredients at a reduced price!



6oz plain flour

5oz unsalted butter

2oz ground hazelnuts

2oz soft brown sugar


2 large bananas peeled and sliced

2 largish apples peeled and cut into small  chunks (Bramley apples are best but I use any)

1 tablespoon full of rum

a dessert spoon of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of grated dark chocolate.


  1. In a bowl mix the apples, bananas, rum, lemon juice, and icing sugar and press into the bottom of an oven proof dish.
  2. Sprinkle the grated chocolate over the top and leave the dish on one side.
  3. To make the crumble rub the butter into the flour and then fold in the nuts and icing sugar (or blitz in a food processor).
  4. Spread the crumble over the top of the dish of fruit so that it is covered completely and firm it down.
  5. Bake at 200C for around 20 minutes until golden brown. It does not matter if it bubbles up a bit around the side.  I love that chewy bit.

I like this served with home-made ice cream but you can serve it with cream instead.  You can thank me later!

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