June 15, 2023

Summer breakfasts using what we have

What we eat changes, depending on the seasons.  When I am planning my shopping and food budget, except for buying oats which I use for baking, I don’t really factor in the cost of breakfasts.  We just use things from the fridge, store cupboard or garden that we already have.   Some of these ideas are not conventional breakfasts here in the UK, but may already be enjoyed in other countries, eg. salad. Here are some of the kinds of things that we eat for breakfast during the summer.

  1. I make a batch of yoghurt most weeks using the slow cooker recipe.  It doesn’t cost me anything extra to make except the energy to cook it as I now buy whole milk to make it, use a bit of yoghurt that I save from the last batch, and then dilute the the milk that is left so that it is just like semi skimmed that we would have bought each week any way (dilute by a third).  We eat the yoghurt with waffles and garden fruit compote, homemade granola, or pancakes with compote.
  2. We make flat bread with flour and yoghurt (in the air fryer) and have it with homemade hummus and a salad picked from the garden. It is lovely to eat that outside on a hot morning.
  3. We make over night oats and put mixed spice, grated carrot, honey and sultanas in it so that it is like carrot cake. If we have a banana or some apples I will chop those into plain overnight oats in a morning, and sometimes add some cocoa if I need a chocolate fix. This cools me down after a restless hot night.
  4. I make a loaf of bread a week and so a couple of times a week we will have things on toast. At this time of year I will saute courgette, pepper (if I have any), and onions and add some thyme or other herbs from the garden and we will have it on toast with a bit of grated cheese on top.  Other times I will add tomato puree and a bit of ketchup and switch the thyme for chilli.  If we have a spare egg Mr S will put a fried egg on top.
  5. Later in the season I will make some baked beans with home grown beans by using tomato puree, some herbs, a squeeze of ketchup and sometimes some onions or garlic.   We even add fridge gravel into them sometimes to stretch them. We will have these on toast or with a potato scone or hash browns that I have previously batched and frozen.
  6. Mr S loves a breakfast pizza using what ever we have in the garden. I will use a slice of bread to make it on if I do not have any spare yoghurt or butter to make a pizza base.
  7. We will have herb pesto on toast with a bit of grated cheese.
  8. We make a fruit salad using berries and fruit from the garden, or an apple from the fruit bowl. It is nice with fresh mint in. We eat it on it’s own or with yoghurt.
  9. Later in the season when we go foraging for apples, we sometimes caramelise some apple and will have it with scotch pancakes and yoghurt.
  10. Sometimes we have cereal in the cupboard, like rice crispies or corn flakes as I cook with them too, and so we will have these with milk, and some fruit from the garden sprinkled on top.
  11. If we are travelling, we will often take a pasty with us for breakfast as we set off early. In the past I have made ones with sausage and egg in, apples and cheese, or spicy vegetables and cheese.
  12. We used to eat a lot of eggs but due to the cost we have really reduced the amount we eat. I do make a quiche now and again and we will have that with salad for breakfast, or I will make some little crustless quiche in muffin tins with fridge gravel and a few bits of bacon bits if I have them.  These are nice with salad too on a hot morning.
  13. We will have some homemade jam on toast with some grated cheese on.
  14. Smoothies. We put in anything we have in the freezer, garden or fruit bowl and make them with water instead of milk.  We had one today and it had some strawberries, some rhubarb, a few blue berries from the freezer and some peach juice that I had previously frozen as ice cubes when I opened a can of peaches.
  15. Home made wraps with a bit of cooked, chopped offcuts of bacon and some cheese inside, cooked in the air fryer.
  16. Cooked tomatoes from the garden with some basil on top or bruschetta

Do your breakfasts change with the season?  What kind of things do you eat during the summer?  I always try to add a bit of protein if I can in a morning as it regulates my blood sugar, and it seems to give me more energy.


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