August 31, 2023

Quick air fryer pizza

Sometimes when Mr S is at work I have a busy day and do not feel like cooking him a meal for when he gets home.  On these days I will make him something quickly in the last 20 minutes before he gets home.  One of things that he likes is the quick air fryer pizza.

I make a base is by adding equal quantities of SR flour and plain yoghurt until it forms a dough. I use thick Yoghurt and so you might need a bit more flour if the yoghurt is a bit thinner.  I also add a pinch of salt. (175g makes me two quite large pizzas.  I then push the pizza base into the corners of the greased container that fits in my air fryer.  I have a number of different sized foil ones that have been recycled from yellow sticker meals that I use.  If I do not have yoghurt I will make pizza with bread,  on pitta bread, or on wraps.  

I make my sauce for the top by putting into a cup the following –
A small squirt of tomato sauce
A big squirt of tomato puree
Lazy garlic or fresh (optional)
Mixed herbs, or chilli

I just mix these up and spread on top.  If you do not have these ingredients you can put BBQ sauce,  on top, or pesto.

ToppingsYou can put on any topping eg – a sliced sausage, some sweet pepper, sliced mushrooms, frozen sweet corn, sliced tomatoes, a bit of sliced ham or chicken, a bit of half cooked bacon, chorizo, sliced onion or spring onion, tinned pineapple, tuna etc. If you don’t have anything just cheese is OK. I usually cook my veg in a little frying pan before putting it on a pizza, but you don’t need to.  This recipe is great for using up any bits and pieces that you have in the fridge (or what I call fridge gravel).

On the top I grate any kind of cheese I have. After Christmas I got some yellow sticker mozzarella. Did you know that you can freeze mozzarella in it’s liquid and it’s original packaging?  I also have cheese that I grated to preserve after Christmas still in the freezer, and sprinkle this on from frozen sometimes.  Any hard cheese works well and if you use extra mature you do not need as much to get the same taste. You can also freeze the raw dough of the base if you have too much, as it still rises.


I cook the yoghurt dough on each side for a few minutes at 200 centigrade in the air fryer before putting the sauce, topping and cheese on.  Otherwise the base can be a bit soggy.  If I am using bread or pitta bread I toast one side first.  Once the sauce, cheese and topping are on top I cook the pizza for about 5 to 8 minutes until the cheese is melted.  The pitta bread or toast will take less time.  If you want you can make the pitta bread pizza or toast pizza under the grill, but the yoghurt dough ones are best done in an air fryer or oven.

The picture is of just less than half a pizza as Mr S ate it too quickly for me to photograph.  You can see that the dough rises a bit from it. These make a great lunch with salad from the garden at this time of the year when I am busy and working hard, as they are filling and feel like I am eating junk, but it has no preservatives or additives in it.  What is your favourite pizza?  I have to admit I prefer mine to have pineapple on them!

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