April 2, 2024

Wild Garlic Hummus

This year I am trying to add more variety to the food that we make with wild garlic.  In the past I have just concentrated on pesto or adding fresh leaves to stews or salads.  I made this simple, wild garlic hummus for the first time this week and was very pleased with the results.  This hummus freezes and so the taste of spring will be enjoyed throughout the year.


250g cooked chickpeas (I cook dried chickpeas in big batches and then freeze in portions as it is cheaper than tins and has a better texture).

2.5 tbsp of tahini

Juice of 1 lemon

55g fresh wild garlic leaves cut thinly

55ml of olive oil (other oils can be used as a cheaper alternative).

Big pinch of salt



  1. Whiz the wild garlic leaves up with half of the oil in a food processor in order to break up the leaves
  2.  Add the chick peas, salt and whiz again.
  3.  Add the oil a bit at a time.  You do not have to add all of it, and I often add less.
  4.  If the hummus seems too thick either add some water or oil until you have the consistency that you prefer.
  5.  Taste the hummus and add more lemon, salt or wild garlic if needed to suit your palette.

If I want to put the hummus on crackers or toast I leave it quite thick.  If I want to use the hummus as a dip with crudities or pittas I will make it a bit thinner.

Make sure that you wash the wild garlic before using it.  I usually pat it dry in a tea towel. Please check my post on wild garlic if you are thinking of picking any for the first time as there are a couple of plants that are look a likes and poisonous.  They have the same habitat as wild garlic and so it is easy to get an odd leaf by accident if not picking leaves individually.  It is best to pick wild garlic before it flowers as the leaves can become tough later in the season.

What is your favourite wild garlic recipe?


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