• Sour dough carrot cake traybake

    Published On: April 11, 2024Categories: Baking, Recipes, Snacks

    We keep looking for imaginative ways to use our sour dough discard. I am also looking for ways to use up some of the 15p carrots that were discounted over Easter. Last week we made [...]

  • Feeding your sour dough starter (my sour dough journey)

    Published On: April 11, 2024Categories: Baking, Healthy food, Recipes

    As you know we are on this journey of using and keeping our sour dough starter.  We were given our starter when we attended a sour dough bread course at Apron strings in Hedon. We [...]

  • Rhubarb crumble.

    Published On: April 11, 2024Categories: Baking, Desserts, Growing Food, Recipes

    The rhubarb is loving all of this rain and so I am harvesting it a lot recently. Already I have made rhubarb gin, rhubarb brownies and a couple of days ago we made rhubarb crumble [...]

  • Airfryer cheese and wild garlic scones with a kick.

    Published On: March 31, 2024Categories: Baking, Foraging For Food, Recipes, Snacks

    There was an abundance of wild garlic this year and we preserve it to flavour our food all year, as well as using it for cooking in spring. Today I fancied making some cheese and [...]

  • Sour dough bread

    Published On: March 28, 2024Categories: Baking, Recipes

    Now that we have a starter we have started making sour dough regularly.  This is the recipe that we use to make sour dough bread.  It was the one we were given by a company [...]

  • Profiteroles for Mother’s Day

    Published On: March 4, 2024Categories: Baking, Desserts, Recipes

    It is Mother's Day at the weekend here in the UK. A nice idea for a present is to make an afternoon tea.  We used to make afternoon teas to earn extra money and one [...]

  • Date crunch

    Published On: February 1, 2024Categories: Baking, Desserts, Recipes

    DATE CRUNCH We needed something sweet but I didn't want to put the oven on and bake.  I decided to make date crunch as we have supermarket own brand rice crispies that need eating up [...]

  • Chocolate Yule Log

    Published On: December 21, 2023Categories: Baking, Frugal Festivities, Recipes

    Tonight is the Winter Solstice which is a pagan celebration called Yule.  This is an ancient celebration of the shortest day, midwinter, and the return of lighter days and the sun. A yule log was [...]

  • Easy cookies

    Published On: November 11, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    Mr S made some cookies for a relative whilst I was away.  She loves biscuits but is having trouble biting anything hard at the moment, and so he made her these easy cookies that are [...]

  • Pumpkin shaped bread for Halloween

    Published On: October 9, 2023Categories: Baking, Frugal Festivities

    My philosophy is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make an occasion special.  It just takes effort and creativity.  We are holding a Halloween dinner for family at the [...]

  • Quick air fryer pizza

    Published On: August 31, 2023Categories: Baking, Light Meals, Recipes

    Sometimes when Mr S is at work I have a busy day and do not feel like cooking him a meal for when he gets home.  On these days I will make him something quickly [...]

  • Baking bread with dock seeds

    Published On: August 30, 2023Categories: Baking, Foraging For Food, Recipes

    I am always looking for ways to save money or to visit the supermarket less.  During the pandemic I ran out of wholemeal bread flour and so I foraged some dock seeds and used that [...]

  • Yoghurt based flat breads

    Published On: August 14, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    We eat a lot of Mediterranean food, and curries in our house, and since we have making all our own yoghurt (I use a slow cooker batch which works out really cheap), I have been [...]

  • Bramble crumble bars

    Published On: August 8, 2023Categories: Baking, Foraging For Food, Recipes

    I needed to make some room in my freezer the other day as I was making bread and it doesn't last as long as shop bought because it doesn't have the additives. I tend to [...]

  • No bake chocolate orange slice

    Published On: July 24, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    I fancied some chocolate and we had nothing in that was sweet except for some cheap Aldi chocolate.  I therefore made this no bake chocolate orange slice as I did not want to put the [...]

  • Beetroot chocolate cakes

    Published On: July 7, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    The beetroots are coming in thick and fast now. Beetroots are really good for you as they lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. I don't really like them, to be honest, though I did [...]

  • Batch cooking with short crust pastry to stretch meals and save

    Published On: July 5, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes, Saving money on food

    Today was bread making day and when use the oven, I don’t want to waste any energy and so I cook a few things at the same time using the same base ingredient.  Today it [...]

  • Coconut, lime and courgette (zucchini) cake

    Published On: June 9, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    This recipe is dairy free and one of our favourites at this time of year.  The courgettes (zucchinis) are coming thick and fast now. We always make a lot of these cakes whilst we have [...]

  • Rhubarb and walnut chocolate brownies

    Published On: May 30, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    I don't usually make brownies as they have so much chocolate and sugar in them, and they cost a bomb to make.  I think that these are good value for the taste.  These brownies can [...]

  • Ideas for Easter cupcakes

    Published On: April 1, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    Every year we make Easter cup cakes, and we have even sold some to family and friends in the past to help pay for a break away for ourselves.  Adults and children alike love them. [...]

  • Fruit and nut chocolate crispies

    Published On: March 30, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    I nearly didn't put this recipe on as it is so basic, but then I know we have some young readers who may not have made these, as over the last 10 years bought cupcakes [...]

  • Wild garlic and cheese scones

    Published On: March 26, 2023Categories: Baking, Foraging For Food, Recipes

    The wild garlic is finally out in Yorkshire.  This is one of my favourite things to forage as I use it in meals, in baking, to flavour butter and to make pesto (which I freeze [...]

  • Afternoon tea

    Published On: March 11, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes, Saving Money

    WHAT IS AFTERNOON TEA? Afternoon tea is basically a pot of tea with cream/milk and sugar provided, and a selection of savoury and sweet treats.  The treats are usually small and they are often displayed [...]

  • Scones

    Published On: March 10, 2023Categories: Baking, Recipes

    Mr S has won awards for his scones and kindly let me put his recipe on here.  He does add more dried fruit than the recipe states which is not particularly frugal.  I am not [...]