• Rustic hash browns

    Published On: February 21, 2024Categories: Breakfasts, Recipes

    The potatoes that I bought for 15p a bag at Christmas are starting to sprout now and so I am finding different ways to use them up without wasting them.  We like to eat a [...]

  • Making breakfast sausages

    Published On: February 3, 2024Categories: Breakfasts, Mains, Recipes

    Any one who has been following my website for a while will know that we try to make as many things from scratch as we can.  This is for 3 main reasons.  We need to [...]

  • Overnight oats

    Published On: September 25, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Recipes

    The chilly mornings have come with a vengeance which means that I want something more substantial for my breakfast but that does not take lots of time to make.  Overnight oats are useful for keeping [...]

  • Summer breakfasts using what we have

    Published On: June 15, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Saving Money

    What we eat changes, depending on the seasons.  When I am planning my shopping and food budget, except for buying oats which I use for baking, I don’t really factor in the cost of breakfasts.  [...]

  • Slow cooker (crock pot) yoghurt

    Published On: April 4, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Desserts, Recipes, Snacks

    I have only just started making my yoghurt in a slow cooker, but both times it has turned out lovely and thick and I have not had to sieve it.  Getting your yoghurt to the [...]

  • Potato Waffles

    Published On: January 21, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Light Meals, Recipes

    I got a waffle maker just over a year ago in a sale for £8, but like most gadgets I forget to use it. I have got a very busy couple of weeks coming up [...]

  • 33 Frugal Ideas for breakfasts

    Published On: January 21, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Saving money on food

    I get bored of eating the same food regularly. I plan my frugal food spend around my main meals, and lunches are usually left overs, soups, sandwiches, something on toast or, in summer, salads. There [...]

  • Stretching a tin of beans

    Published On: January 20, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Light Meals, Recipes

    We buy a couple of cans of beans a week as they are reasonably nutritious, cheap (if you buy from discount supermarkets or unbranded), good for bulking out food (eg minced beef and baked bean [...]

  • Breakfast waffles

    Published On: January 20, 2023Categories: Breakfasts, Recipes

    Breakfasts can still be fun and you do not have to eat like a pauper if you only have a small food budget.  Waffles are cheap to make and if you serve it with home [...]