• Are you living a lie?

    Published On: August 10, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    Are you living on auto pilot and bored with your life? Have you forgotten what makes your soul sing, or how to be happy anymore? Have you sacrificed most of your dreams and desires and [...]

  • My intentional, simple life

    Published On: August 9, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    Living intentionally. Before I retired, I used to think that simple living meant that you had no plan and stopped having goals.  I thought it would be spontaneous, and I would just see where the [...]

  • Wheel of Life

    Published On: July 28, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    What is the Wheel of Life? About 4 times a year,  I review my life,  though I have let it slip recently and have not done it since the New Year.  I also look at [...]

  • 9 cheap ways I add extra nutrition to my meals when on a tight budget

    Published On: July 23, 2023Categories: Healthy food, Nutrition, Saving money on food, Wellbeing

    I have become a lot more conscious about my nutrition and what I eat as I have got older. I want to stay healthy as I age, and am aware that the NHS is not [...]

  • Free cures from your garden for your hangover

    Published On: July 3, 2023Categories: Growing Food, Wellbeing

    Most of us have woken up at some time or another with that feeling of regret after a night celebrating. You feel dizzy, have a raging headache and your mouth feels like the bottom of [...]

  • Elderflower – a medicinal treasure chest.

    Published On: June 16, 2023Categories: Foraging For Food, Wellbeing

    I don’t pretend to be a doctor, or even a herbalist.  I am definitely not a professional forager, but I do like to study and utilise the plants and trees that are around us to [...]

  • Are you ready if SHTF?

    Published On: June 12, 2023Categories: Foraging For Food, Living Simply, Wellbeing

    This week I went on a retreat that taught some skills of self-reliance.  It included basket weaving, making toiletries from nature, archery and making fire by friction.  These skills might seem a strange thing for [...]

  • 15 foods that I eat to help my bad knees

    Published On: June 3, 2023Categories: Nutrition, Wellbeing

    In 2008 I was told that I needed to have knee replacements.  I was in a lot of pain and often walked with a stick.  I don’t do hospitals or anything medical if I can [...]

  • Contemplating old age and death

    Published On: May 22, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    I am grateful to have reached this age.  I didn’t think I would, and I nearly didn’t due to stress and other factors in my life.  I know a lot of people do not reach [...]

  • How debt impacts on your health

    Published On: April 30, 2023Categories: Saving Money, Wellbeing

    After being ill in 2009 the first thing that I wanted to do was to get rid of all my debt.  I had not realised how much it had impacted on my health and caused [...]

  • Forest Bathing

    Published On: April 17, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    WHAT IS FOREST BATHING? Any one that has followed me for a while knows that forest bathing keeps me sane.  It does not mean I am taking a bath there, but that I am soaking [...]

  • 8 Natural ways to clean the air in your home

    Published On: March 16, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    Why is it important to have clean air in the home? We have just been away for a break to the coast and when we opened the door to our home the air smelt fresh [...]

  • Ways to eat a nutritious diet on a budget

    Published On: February 17, 2023Categories: Nutrition, Wellbeing

    As I have aged, I have become even more aware of the nutrition in my food.  Being well is being frugal and brings more joy in to my life.  Providing our food is not just [...]

  • Home made cough sweets

    Published On: February 15, 2023Categories: Recipes, Wellbeing

    I have got a dry, tickly cough a the moment which is driving me mad.  I am trying to buy as little from the shops as I can at the moment as I have a [...]

  • 20 Frugal ways to love yourself on Valentine’s Day

    Published On: February 13, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    As a single parent I used to hate Valentine's Day with the shops being full of hearts and flowers. It made me feel extra lonely having no one to care and love me.  However, in [...]

  • Reaching Self Actualisation

    Published On: February 6, 2023Categories: Finding Happiness, Wellbeing

    I always do my thinking when I am cooking and yesterday I was thinking about how what we see as necessities has changed. I can remember the days when if you had a television or [...]

  • Simplify your life with routine

    Published On: January 28, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    I am a freedom loving person and don't like to get bogged down with routines. However, when I first retired my life was in chaos as my old work routines had disappeared, and I found [...]

  • 7 Ways gardening can improve your health

    Published On: January 28, 2023Categories: Growing Food, Wellbeing

    Gardening is not just a hobby, a way of making your house look pretty, or a tool to save money on food. According to the British medical journal gardening prolongs life of over 60s by [...]

  • How honey can save you money

    Published On: January 28, 2023Categories: Healthy food, Nutrition, Wellbeing

    I wrote this post about honey a year ago but have been asked for it again, and so I apologise to those of you who have been following me for a while. I have improved [...]

  • 12 Ways of coping with overwhelm

    Published On: January 4, 2023Categories: Wellbeing

    We all feel overwhelmed at times.  It is that feeling of constantly being busy but not seeming to get anywhere.  I felt that at the end of 2022. Sometimes a simple task could feel so [...]

  • 16 ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals.

    Published On: January 3, 2023Categories: Uncategorized, Wellbeing

    I must admit that I find it harder to motivate myself nowadays. My motivation in the past was always to get a better life for my children or I had to be forced to make [...]

  • SMART Goal Setting

    Published On: December 30, 2022Categories: Saving Money, Wellbeing

    I said a few days ago that I would write a bit about setting goals.  When thinking about setting a goal I think about which area of my life I want to change and how [...]

  • Making a Vision Board

    Published On: December 29, 2022Categories: Finding Happiness, Wellbeing

    In 2009 I changed my life through life coaching. I trained to be a coach myself because I had lost who I was, was broken and I wanted to put the pieces back together in [...]

  • Ways that creativity is good for you

    Published On: December 20, 2022Categories: Crafts, Wellbeing

    I love being creative. and always have. Many studies show that being creative is good for us. I try to be creative every day as it helps my mental health. It might be baking, taking [...]