September 8, 2022

The benefits of walking as you age

I’ve noticed that my legs are getting stiffer and I am walking like John Wayne when I first get out of bed, or stand up from my chair. I am neglecting my daily long walks. My excuse is that I have so much to do, but in reality I could fit it in if I had a mind to. It is madness as I know the physical and mental benefits of walking .I usually do over 70,000 steps a week but it has only been averaging about 58,000 this last couple of weeks. I am reminding myself of the benefits of walking to motivate myself. I might even have to treat myself like a kid and resort to a star chart!

The benefits are as follows

  1. It strengthens your bones and prevents osteoporosis.
  2. It helps with reducing weight or to keep it steady.
  3. It lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and colon cancer.
  4. It helps reduce blood pressure.
  5. It keeps your joints flexible.
  6. It reduces depression and anxiety.
  7. It increases your stamina and improves your energy levels.
  8. It improves balance and coordination.
  9. It helps you to interact socially and gets you out of the house.
  10. It gives you a sense of achievement when your watch or app buzzes and tells you that you have done your steps for the day.

A hike a day keeps old age away.

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