• Is your clutter connected to how you are feeling inside?

    Published On: December 27, 2023Categories: Living Simply, Wellbeing

    Life has been a bit stressful recently and I have been ill. Over the last couple of months my bedroom has become a tip and a dumping ground.  It is like a teenager's bedroom.  Today [...]

  • Does your food have a story?

    Published On: December 9, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    The thing that I like about growing my own food, preserving, and foraging, is that a lot of the food that we eat has a story.  Thankfully I am not just using random things that [...]

  • Are you ready if SHTF?

    Published On: June 12, 2023Categories: Foraging For Food, Living Simply, Wellbeing

    This week I went on a retreat that taught some skills of self-reliance.  It included basket weaving, making toiletries from nature, archery and making fire by friction.  These skills might seem a strange thing for [...]

  • Why I choose to live a simple life

    Published On: June 4, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    Many of us have this idyllic dream of living in the countryside and being self-sufficient, but for most of us that is not achievable.  I know that even if I won the lottery now that [...]

  • 20 little ways I simplify my life

    Published On: March 27, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    I thought that I would share some of the really small habits that have improved my life. Individually, these daily things that I do may not have transformed my life, but together they have had [...]

  • My strategy to declutter

    Published On: March 13, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    THIS IS THE YEAR I have decided that 2023 is the year that I declutter my house once and for all.  I sorted my Mum's house after she died and it took me months as [...]

  • Mindset changes for a simple life

    Published On: March 4, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    CHANGING MINDSET I often get messages from people asking what they need to do to simplify their life. They ask what they should do first. Should they declutter? Should they work less? Should they become [...]

  • 10 Areas in Which I have Simplified my Life

    Published On: February 7, 2023Categories: Living Simply

    Simplifying your life mean some thing different to every person.  To one person it might be giving up everything to live in the countryside and keeping chickens and goats, and to another it might be [...]

  • Simple Living by the Seasons

    Published On: February 1, 2023Categories: Living Simply, Saving Money

    Living my simple life, the weather and the seasons impact on my money saving routine, how are use my house, my frugal habits, and how I spend my time.  I didn't really realise it until [...]

  • Living simply means needing less money

    Published On: August 15, 2022Categories: Living Simply, Saving Money

    People ask me what I mean when I say that I live a simple life. I am not, as people often imagine, living on a plot of land in the countryside, away from people. I [...]