November 29, 2022

Recycled lantern

With all this talk about power cuts this year and ways of saving energy, I thought that I would share a way that we used to light up our van or tent when camping.


If you strap a head torch to a milk carton filled with water (the light pointing into the carton) you have a lantern which gives out quite a bit of light. It is not enough to read by, but it does light a room in the same way as a small lamp would. These lanterns are also great for entertaining outdoors in the garden if you don’t have any lights.   They don’t look great but the thing I like about them is that they are safe to have around when children are about.  There is no risk if they knock them over. They are also easy to make from what you may already have in the home, and you do not have to buy any special equipment.  If using them outside when entertaining, you could put some food colour in the water if you wanted more ambiance. 😊. I love to recycle, and this is a great way to make something from something that you would normally just throw away.

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