April 8, 2024

20 ways to save water

My water bill is one area that I have been able to reduce my bill over the last 4 years.  Saving water is not only good for the environment, it is also good for my purse.  If you are wanting to reduce your water bill here are some of the ways that have worked for me.  Some of them might be a step too far for some of you, but if money is tight they might help.

  1.  When getting a shower, I turn off the water whilst I soap my body and shampoo my hair and then I rinse myself off.  I also have short showers. I used to set the alarm on my phone to 4 minutes so that I knew when to get out.
  2. I put a bottle of water in the cistern so  less water is needed to fill it up again.  Some water authorities give away free money saving devices.
  3. If I am washing up I collect the cold water in a jug whilst I am waiting for it to warm up.  I can then use this to fill the kettle or water my seedlings or plants.
  4. I have 4 water butts that collect rain water for watering my garden. It is actually better for them than tap water. Some are connected to my roof and some are not.  In fact two of them are dustbins as they are cheaper  to buy than water butts. They always fill during the winter, and the bad weather last year also stopped them from being empty most of the time.  I use a watering can rather than a hose most of the time to save money and water.
  5. I only use the washing machine if I have a full load of washing. I have reduced my washing from three times a week to  once or twice a week.
  6. I only have one bath a week (I love baths and did not want to only have showers but they do use less water).  Having a shallow bath saves money but I must admit that I like a deep one.  The rest of the week  I then have what I call a bird bath (stand up wash at the sink)  on most days or a shower if I have been doing anything that will make me sweaty or dirty.
  7. I hand wash the dishes once a day unless I have been baking or meal prepping.  I use the same cup or glass all day.
  8. I keep a bottle of water in the fridge so that I am not running the water until it gets cold when I want a drink.
  9. I turn off the water when brushing my teeth.
  10. We don’t flush the loo at night for liquids (I used to do it during the day sometimes if I was home alone but then I  unexpectedly had a visitor who desperately needed the loo before I could sort it!)
  11. I water my plants with water that I have cooked pasta in or water I have boiled an egg in.  Water that has had vegetables boiled in it is also ok.  It is actually good for the plants as well as saves me money.
  12. I installed a low flow shower head that I got free from our water company.
  13. I only boil the amount of water that I need in a kettle.
  14. I steam vegetables rather than boiling them so that I put less water in the pan.
  15. Regularly check for leaks or dripping taps.
  16. We use grey water to flush the toilet eg after a bath.
  17. If you need to water a lawn in the summer do it after the sun has gone down so that it does not evaporate quickly.
  18. I clean vegetables in a sink with bicarbonate of soda rather than rinsing them under the tap.
  19. I mulch in the garden which reduces evaporation and so my plants do not have to be watered as often.
  20. My grandson likes to play in the paddling pool.  I always use the water on the garden afterwards.  If you have a pet, bathing it outside in summer will make it easier to use the water on the lawn or plants.

I you live on your own or have less people in the house than the number of bedrooms it might be worth getting a water meter.  My bill went down from over £50 to £19 when I got one.  Water bills are based on rateable value of the house in UK if you do not have a meter.  CCW which has a consumer advice website has a tool which calculates if you will be better off on a water meter.  Please share any other ways that you save money on water.


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  1. Angela Carmody April 8, 2024 at 7:17 pm - Reply

    We have 4 water butts and a dustbin attached to the gutter on one side of the greenhouse, that is for me to dip my can in to water the greenhouse. As I can’t get down to the other water butts or carry a heavy can I do water the garden with a hose sometimes but my husband uses watering cans from the water butts, he carries washing up water out to use it for watering and he saves any other water when we need to water. We are not on a water meter and I’m not sure we would save a lot of money changing, well that is what my husband thinks but he will not cut down on his showers. We only have a shower no, no bath so not as much water is used and it isn’t left running continuously when it is being used.

    • ToniG April 9, 2024 at 12:58 pm - Reply

      Sounds good and like you are doing lots of water saving

  2. Moira Sutherland April 10, 2024 at 6:33 am - Reply

    We do not use a lot of water like you I was the dishes in the sink once a day, our only problem is modern toilet cisterns do not contain enough water and we want a lot by having to flush three times

    • ToniG April 10, 2024 at 8:09 pm - Reply

      I didn’t realise that as mine is about 25 years old. I have been using the water from the dehumidifier to flush recently. The house seems a lot damper this year.

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