August 16, 2022

Ideas to use up rice

The last 5 times I have been to the community pantry I have got a bag of rice. We don’t eat a lot of rice but like many others I am trying to adapt what I eat to what I have in, or what is still cheap. I therefore tried to look for ideas of things to do with the rice as I am not too keen on plain boiled rice unless it is with a nice curry, or sweet and sour chicken. Here are some of the things I came up with.

  1. Stuff peppers with a mixture of cooked rice, other vegetables, and cheese.
  2. Make egg fried rice.
  3. Make a milk pudding. Even though it is not pudding rice it still works.
  4. Pad out some burritos with spicey chicken and peppers and onion in wraps. This reduces the cost of the meal.
  5. Add cooked rice to frittata to pad it out and make it more filling.
  6. Make a rice salad to have with fish or meat.
  7. Make spicy rice and add any veg or bits of meat that you have. We add harrisa paste or chilli and tomato puree and tomato sauce and spring onions and peas usually.
  8. Make coconut rice for a change to have with a Thai style meal.
  9. Cook in soup to make it more filling.
  10. Make Mexican Burrito bowls.
  11. Make a Paella with seafood, or chicken, or vegetarian.
  12. Make a risotto. Even though it is not the right kind of rice it still works. I have made a chicken risotto with cooked rice.
  13. Stuff cabbage leaves in the same ways as you would Dolmas.
  14. Make homemade sushi.
  15. Make a creamy rice casserole. There are loads of recipes on the Internet.
  16. Add cooked rice with your flour, spices and vegetables when making pakora.

Rice can be boring when cooked on it’s own but luckily it absorbs flavours well. It is a carbohydrate but it also contains 5% protein, iron, B6, magnesium, potassium and calcium and so is a good food to use to fill you up.

What do you do with rice?

Ideas to use up rice.

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