August 16, 2022

Quick chicken pie

This is one of my quick meals that I do when we are busy but want a substantial, nutritious meal. WHEN I have time, and have the oven on I divide some bought puff pastry into 8 and bake it. I then freeze in twos and take out the night before I want to use them. They crisp up quickly again in the airfryer.

The filling for the pie was a couple of handfuls of cooked chicken I had saved and the little end of a ham joint that was too small to slice. I sometimes use mushrooms instead of the ham if they are reduced. I sauted a chopped onion and put in half a can of Campbells condensed chicken soup (was 49p from B &M and Home Bargains but might have gone up recently like everything else), some milk and the chopped meat. The other half of the can freezes well to use another time. I also sometimes add the juices that I had saved and frozen from when the chicken was cooked (or you could add a stock cube). It all literally took about 8 mins to make, including cooking the beans which had been previously blanched.

This is a good way to have a pie and a quick meal without much effort when you are tired and it is what I used to do when I worked long shifts and didn’t feel like cooking for my kids. Sometimes I will add garlic to the sauce, or leeks instead of onions, depending what I have in. If I have visitors I use a whole can for 4 of us. Sometimes I put the filling in a dish, add some frozen peas and put mash on top and bake, or have it with pasta or rice if I have no pie crust.

The only hard part is remembering to take the things out of the freezer the night before. 😊

Quick chicken pie.

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