February 13, 2023

20 Frugal ways to love yourself on Valentine’s Day

As a single parent I used to hate Valentine’s Day with the shops being full of hearts and flowers. It made me feel extra lonely having no one to care and love me.  However, in the past I have had someone shove a cheap card at me because they felt that they had to, but there was no real love behind it.  That felt just as lonely.  I know for some, this is a hard day as they are missing someone special. As I have got older I learned to love myself, practiced self care, and so Valentine’s day stopped having any impact on me. I now share it with my best friend.  We don’t need cards or presents to verify that we care about each other and now just share a special meal that we have made together. If you are feeling low and alone here are some frugal ways to show yourself some love and self care on this commercialised day.

1.Spend quality time with yourself doing something you love. I was often so busy looking after kids and doing what made them happy, or working, that I forgot to make time to do things I loved.
2. Don’t criticise yourself or put yourself down. You are doing your best. Communicate with yourself kindly and positively.
3. Get your bobble hat on and spend time in nature and blow the cobwebs away.
4.Connect with positive, happy people who don’t gossip or talk negatively.
5. Read an inspiring book or watch an inspiring film.
6. Take time to unwind and relax and have that bubble bath (or meditate).
7. Write that bucket list and dream. If you think about something your brain will look for ways to make it happen (we dreamed of having a camper van and found an old van and built a bed in it and had 3 years of wonderful adventures).
8.Laugh more. Ring a friend who makes you chuckle or watch a funny clip on You tube.
9.Treat yourself if you can. You deserve it, even if it is something small like a coffee out with a friend.
10.Be who you want to be and not how others tell you how you should be. I dressed differently and behaved differently to be accepted, but it didn’t make me happy. Be your authentic self.
11. Think about your life and practice breathing in the good and breathing out the bad.
12 If you have no one to talk things over with learn to journal and write down all your thoughts. It relieves stress and untangled your thoughts.
13 Declutter your life and get rid of any thing or any one that is not good for you.
14. Eat healthy foods and exercise.
15. Drink more water (I don’t drink enough). Your body and brain function better when hydrated.
16. Listen to music. If I am feeling a bit down I dance round my kitchen to my favourite tunes and it makes me feel better.
17. Challenge yourself to something to raise your self esteem. It might just be a no spend challenge, but it works.
18.Learn to say “No” and don’t take on too much.
19.Go explore somewhere new. (This is probably the one I do most as it makes me feel curious and excited).
20. Envisage buying yourself some of all those flowers that are going to be reduced tomorrow and think of all those food bargains that are going to be out there. 😁

What are the frugal ways that you show that you love yourself? Enjoy your day and be kind to yourself ❤


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