April 8, 2023

Potato peeling crisps.

Bags of crisps used to be on our shopping list as a treat some times but with rising prices they are a luxury that has had to go.  If we fancy some crisps now we make them with our potato peelings, which appeals to me as I love free food and saving on waste.  These potato peeling crisps can also offer a healthy alternative snack as they can be made with healthier oils, like olive oil, and they are not deep fried.  They can also be coated in tasty spices rather than salt.  We were doing some fencing the other day and had a break in the afternoon and enjoyed a homemade berry cider made with foraged apples and some potato peeling crisps in the sunshine.  I slightly over cooked them as I was distracted and busy outside, but they were still nice.


Washed potato peelings (I dry mine in a tea towel)


Salt or spices (or both).



  1.  Put the potato peelings in to a bowl.
  2.  Pour a bit of oil in to the bowl and sprinkle some salt or spices on top.
  3.  Toss the potato peelings in the oil and salt or spices so that they are all covered.  You might need to add a bit more oil or salt and spices.
  4.  If cooking in the oven I put them in at 180C when cooking other things and turn them until both sides are golden brown.
  5.  If them oven is not on I will cook them in my air fryer at 200C and turn them a couple of times until they are golden brown.  It takes about 7 minutes in my air fryer.

I have kept the uncooked potato peelings in a bag in the fridge for a day before cooking.  I have never stored the potato crisps but I have a friend that stores them in a glass jar in her pantry.  Ours never last long!  What are your favourite spices to put on these potato peeling  crisps?  We often use smoked paprika but just used salt in the picture below.

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