August 13, 2022

Free food grown in tubs and buckets

At the moment I am getting free food every day. It helps me feel in control and stops me stressing about rising prices. You don’t need much room. Most of mine is grown in tubs and old buckets.

I have had 19 courgettes so far. The raspberries were planted in a raised bed made on top of concrete with bricks and some home made compost inside. I have had nearly 6lbs this year and there are plenty more ripening. I have salad leaves and potatoes growing in shady areas. Tomatoes in the sun down the side of paths and the back of the shed, beans in tubs up the side of a fence.

You don’t need the ideal growing conditions, and home grown tastes so much better and has no chemicals sprayed on it. It is not too late to plant some seeds now and lots of shops have them in the sales.If you have not grown anything this year, why not give it a go?

Free food grown in tubs and buckets.

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