January 20, 2023

Store Cupboard Pizza

When we went away, earlier this week, we took a large pizza with us. I had frozen one after making it for dinner after Christmas, using bits of turkey on top. Pizza is one of our favourite foods, not just for the taste, but because I can use up anything I have to make it with. I can use frozen things like prawns, sweet corn, peppers or mushrooms, or use up the dregs in the bottom of the fridge like courgettes, ham, tomatoes, spinach, peppers etc. I usually like a bit of spring onion or red onion on my pizza too and will often get ingredients straight from the garden in the summer as we have an outside pizza oven. If I don’t have time to make a proper base I will use pitta bread, wraps, or bread.
I prefer to make a base with yeast using a bread recipe, but also make a scone type base if yeast is running short, or I need it for bread. Sometimes I will just make a smaller bread loaf and roll out some of my raw bread dough to make a filling pizza.

The scone base I make from

8oz Self Raising flour
1tsp baking powder
2oz butter or margerine
Big pinch of salt
60ml milk
I put the flour and salt into a bowl, rub in the fat and then add the milk slowly to form a dough. Put on a tray and using the palm of your hand push the dough out to fill the tray.

Another way I make a base is by adding SR flour and a pinch of salt to left over plain yoghurt until it forms a dough. I have even made a base with just plain flour and water when I have been really broke (like a cheap flat bread). 
I make my sauce by putting into a cup the following –

A small squirt of tomato sauce
A big squirt of tomato puree
Lazy garlic or fresh (optional)
Mixed herbs, or chilli

I just mix these up and spread on top.  If you do not have these ingredients you can put BBQ sauce on top or pesto.


You can put on any topping eg – a sliced sausage, some sweet pepper, sliced mushrooms, frozen sweet corn, sliced tomatoes, a bit of sliced ham or chicken, a bit of half cooked bacon, chorizo, sliced onion or spring onion, tinned pineapple, tuna etc. If you don’t have anything just cheese is OK. I usually cook my veg before putting it on a pizza, but you don’t need to.

On the top I grate any kind of cheese I have. After Christmas I got some yellow sticker mozzarella for half price and used that in the pizza pictured. I only found out recently that you can freeze mozzarella in it’s liquid in it’s original packaging. You can also freeze the raw dough with yeast in and it still rises. You just defrost in the fridge before use.

I cook pizza in a heated oven at 200 centigrade for 20 to 25 mins, or if it is on pitta breads or I make a small pizza for lunch I cook it in an air fryer or under the grill. Pizza freezes well when cooked and can be eaten hot or cold.

What is your favourite pizza? I must admit I do like pineapple on mine. Sometimes in the summer, when I have spare money in my food budget, I will buy a bag of frozen pineapple to sweeten my smoothies and put on my pizza.

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