• Shortbread

    Published On: December 10, 2022Categories: Baking, Frugal Festivities, Recipes

    Home made shortbread tastes so much better than bought shortbread if it is made with proper butter. I got a gadget a few years ago from Amazon which makes shortbread look fancy for the hampers [...]


    Published On: December 4, 2022Categories: Baking, Frugal Festivities, Recipes

    This fudge is so quick and easy to make, and you can add anything to it.  At Easter I will add the little crushed eggs and for Christmas I add pistachio nuts or dried cranberries [...]

  • Quick, cheap bread

    Published On: October 16, 2022Categories: Baking, Recipes

    We are eating things up and so I have hardly done any cooking or baking yet this week. A few people have asked me about my bread recipe and so I thought that I would [...]

  • Home made wraps

    Published On: October 8, 2022Categories: Baking, Snacks

    We use wraps more than we do bread, and if I was going to buy them each week, I would be spending £3. Instead, I spend about 30p for 6, and I could make them [...]


    Published On: September 29, 2022Categories: Baking, Frugal Festivities, Recipes

    A good Christmas cake is so expensive to buy. We make our own from a frugally adapted recipe. Prices have risen in 2022 but with the icing and the marzipan it was under £10 last [...]